Air Freight

At Winwell we provide most efficiency and cost saving way to our customers. With mature experience, we can handle all types of cargo including garment, electronics and other general cargoes, also for frozen food, fragile goods and large machinery and other special cargoes. In addition, as an agent for airline routes, we provide fast and secure international air cargo services. We are familiar with the operational procedures of airports and master global airlines market trends.  With strong overseas network, the timeliness can be fully met in our air cargo network system. Therefore, our air services can be ensured.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is a fundamental business of our company, with over 20 years of experience in business, we have developed good connection with steamship line personnel who are highly trained, professional and knowledgeable of the major ports of the world and the logistics procedure. We have agreement with Yangming, Maersk, OOCL, Evergreen, COSCO, China Shipping, MSC, and PO Shipping etc.


We specialize in FCL and LCL transport between different terminals and airports, and deliver goods right to customer's door. Our hightly flexible 24 hours services, sound financial background and efficient management ensure your cargoes ar timely received and shipped to or from any destination in the world.

Customs Clearance

In Winwell, we will deal with US Customs and all other government agencies on behalf of your company to obtain the fastest possible clearance into the United States. We file entries electronically with US Customs and will ensure all other government agency requirements are met, such as FDA requirements on food safety or USDA requirements on perishables, preventing delays at the port when your goods arrive. 

Warehousing & distribution

Once your goods arrive in the US, do you know where you are going to store them? Winwell Logistics can arrange for the warehousing of your goods at the port of entry, at your location, or at a strategically located facility to assist with distribution. We can also handle all consolidation and break-bulk operations, pick-and-pack, and the final delivery and distribution of your products.

Project Cargo

Winwell Logistics offers all the project cargo management and handling capabilities, versatility and expertise you need for project freight of any size. Whether your need is custom crating of any size, preparation for break bulk shipment, heavy lift or loading of flat racks or open top containers, we do it all. Every aspect of your project’s cargo will be handled at our secure freight management facility by experienced personnel. With over 20 years of experience, Winwell Logistics can deliver the design plans and budget that fit your needs. Our project yard is all concrete in a well drained and secure area for the handling, storage and preparation of any out of gauge / heavy cargos.